Numerous researches and experiments have been done to find a proper and permanent HIV cure. The experiments have not yet been that successful to receive a positive output, may be because the doctors all over the planet are operating autonomously. Even though there is a sluggish and stable progress, it needs to be even more rapid because more than 7 thousand peoples are breeding HIV virus around the globe every day. After years of study and experiments an everlasting HIV Cure has still not yet been determined.
Though the cause of HIV virus has been inferred, the permanent solution is still unknown. The HIV virus multiplies inside the body by splitting the cryptogram of the cells which are critical for immunity. It makes the most of CD4 cells inside a human body to multiply by feeding on them. The human body has the ability to produce innumerable CD4 cells to provide resistance to external virus. The HIV virus dissolves the number of CD4 cells, decreasing them in number and resulting in weak immunity.

Since the HIV aids was discovered many have perished suffering from it. Professionals have drawn some coconclusions to HIV Functional Cure almost after 3 decades. Some positive outputs have been gained after examining the HIV patients thoroughly the reason of extermination of the virus. The contaminated cells might also be present in huddles causing havoc to fight the virus.
Over the years professionals have found out that a solution that a group of unrelenting cells can cause injury to HIV virus. Anti HIV drugs working in combination with the human immune system can be fruitful in fighting the virus or even eliminating it, hopefully a HIV functional cure. HIV RNA and DNA levels in tissues, cells and plasma are being calculated to conclude the best possibility in fighting the virus and removing it.

 A new astonishing, notable scientific has burst through known as HIV gene therapy which can be a HIV Functional Cure in upcoming days. Making use of hereditary alteration professionals believe that they can abolish HIV virus. Over the years they have performed several experiments to finally draw a conclusion. Doctors are upcoming with new thoughts of at least finding the virus in the Human body. This type of HIV Cure Global Strategy engages in forcing the virus to come in picture so that the drugs can take effect. HIV patients under observations have shown that they did not re grow the virus within themselves even after many years.
If a person suffering from HIV infection or expecting to have, the first and foremost thing is necessary to visit the physician and have a thorough check up. The CD4 cell count should be done positively for a patient under observation. Though there is no medication for HIV functional cure but therapies like HAART is used to slow down the massive producing tendency of this virus.
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